If anybody knows anything about Cambodia it is usually that it is home of the ancient temples of Angkor. These awe-inspiring, massive structures that show human ingenuity at its finest draw millions of visitors every year. If people come to Cambodia for only a few days this is what they come to see. Competing with throngs of other tourists seemed a daunting task and just the thought of wandering around temples for three days was exhausting so we procrastinated and it became our last stop in Cambodia. 

 The city of Siem Reap is home base for the visitors of Angkor. To cater to its wide variety of tourists (penny pitching backpackers, wealthy families, wandering hippies on their next spiritual quest, movie stars....remember Tomb Raider) it has evolved into a chic little town. You can eat traditional Cambodian food or have a filet mignon with a 150 dollar bottle of wine. You can stay at a three hundred dollar a night hotel room with a private spa or sleep in a five dollar a night hostel bed and share your bathroom with twenty other people. You can even hit up the golf course....mom, maybe you can get Dad to come to Cambodia.  During our week here we quickly became spoiled with our cable TV, fresh from the oven brownies, cheeseburgers and swimming pool. We started acting less like a penny pitching backpacker and more like a wealthy family(minus the kids) and we have the dwindling bank account to prove it.


 Natasha and Pete