We felt as though Ho Chi Minh City was bigger and more chaotic than the last major city we visited, Phnom Penh, but without all the charm. I think it was a little too big for us; could also be that we were both a little worn out. We had been traveling about five months at this point and were getting a little tired of moving around. We needed a little vacation from our vacation. Poor us huh? 

It's original name was Saigon before the Vietnam War (called the American War in Vietnam)but when the South fell to the North its name was changed to Ho Chi Minh. It is still called Saigon by alot of Vietnamese people.


We rushed to Ho Chi Minh on Christmas night so we could have dinner with Tara and Tyler. It's nice to see a friendly, familair face when you are so far away from home. 


 We spent alot of time in our hotel, but we did manage to get out some. After a few hours we usually fled back to our room to escape the madness.


How does this even work?


Nap time...


The city from our hotel roof




After seven days, hours of TV watching, and a Harry Potter movie; we were rested, rejuvinated, and more than ready to take on northern Vietnam.