We are up early, only because we never really got any sleep. It's cold and rainy. We are joking around and all smiles, but I am not looking forward to getting back on the dirt road. We bundle up and reluctuntly head on our way. The road seems never ending and over the roar of the engine I tell Pete  that I am over the bumps and ruts. He agrees and I am sure it is worse for him because he has to do the driving, but we are both very happy that we didn't try to tackle it in the dark. 


Photo by Goingslowly

 After a few hours the pavement comes into view and I do a little happy dance on the back of the bike. We stop for a breakfast of fur (noodle soup) and fill our gas tanks. It seems like a beautiful new day with our bellies full and grey asphalt under our tires.


Photo by Goingslowly


Photo by Goingslowly


We get to Nong Khiaw and are welcomed by a quaint little bungalow, hot shower, a comfy bed and a thick warm blanket. 

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