The sky is clear and blue, the air crisp and warm; rare oddities during the last two weeks and perfect for our final day on the Ring Road. After coffee, pastries and a little fermented shark meat for breakfast; we drive west with our tiny car sandwiched between the monstrous Snæfell Glacier and a scraggly coastline. In a few short hours we pass several anomalous rock formations, black sand beaches, tiny picturesque churches, and historic turf homes, confirming that this small peninsula has a taste of everything Iceland has to offer. Using our guidebook as a resource we find an unmarked dirt path to an inlet where a lonely building stands looking as though the rocky cliff that surrounds it may one day swallow it up. Here we have one of my most favorite meals, a creamy fish soup and skyr cheesecake cooked by a grumbly woman and a merry, whistling man in their one room underground kitchen. I adore the building and play the part of camera toting tourist to a tee; photographing every part of the interior so we so can steal ideas for our upcoming home building project. 

On our way back to the city the sky turns an ominous grey, the wind picks up and the temperature falls, threatening to ruin our day and make our last impending mountain pass troublesome. With the darkening weather my mood sours. We catch a plane home tomorrow evening. I'm not ready to leave; there is so much we haven't seen. Then I realize how silly I'm being. We just drove all the way around the Ring Road. That's a pretty cool experience and one day, I hope, we'll do it again.