The elves, or huldufólk as some call them here, are smiling on us today.  I can't say with any certainty that elves exist, but most Icelanders either believe that they do, or won't rule out the possibility.  And I'm not really sure if they're supposed to have control over the weather, but today I'm convinced that they are real and that they're making the sun shine.   

After a beautifully dreary start to the day in Vik walking on the black sand beach, we head out for Skaftafell National Park.  Soon the elves coax the sun out from behind the clouds the day becomes comfortably warm. It's been pretty chilly and grey up to this point so it''s a nice change of pace to step out of the car in a t-shirt.  

For all our plans of camping on this trip we've yet to actually do it, mostly due to windy or rainy weather. So with the weather finally on our side we decide to camp for the first time. We check in at the visitors center and head out to do some hiking, getting back just in time for a glorious sunset   


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