I'm not usually one for hitting up the touristy sights, but Reykjavik is just so picturesque that I could walk around its convoluted streets for days and not get bored.  Natasha and I had both picked out some specific things that we wanted see, so we set out from our apartment with somewhat of a plan. Natasha suggested Hallgrimskirkja, a bizarre looking church that's sits on a hill and affords an amazing view of the city from it's tower.  Always the geek, I suggested Reykjavik 871 +/- 2.  This is a very interesting museum based around the excavation site of a viking longhouse that was built around 871 A.D. plus or minus two years (hence the clever name). I think subconsciously we decided that we needed to eat at least one hot dog every day, and according to the guide book (and various internet sources), the best hot dog in Reykjavik is at Baejarins Beztu. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed when it cost twice as much as the one we got at the public pool, but tasted exactly the same. We ended up at the Old Harbor for a little pick-me-up before heading back to our apartment. 

I have to say that dinner was the high light for me as it was my first taste of Icelandic lamb.  One of the things I most looked forward to about coming here was the food and it didn't fail to impress.