Our interior camper living space including our bed is approximately 6' x 10'. Fitting everything we think we'll need for drastically different climates and geographical regions has been a challenge. We've got scuba and backpacking gear, warm and cold weather clothes and the non-essentials we felt like we couldn't leave behind; our Magic Bullet for grinding coffee and making fruity frozen beverages, tiny umbrellas and straws for said fruity beverages, the board game  Lords of Water Deep, a chess set (although I've never played chess, Pete promises to teach me), and a Pétanque set, for all those days on the beach. We'll see what gets left on the roadside in 6 months or so.

We've gotten creative over the last few months in the packing and space saving departments.

Rubbermaid Bento Boxes will hold our food and can easily be moved to the floor when we put the camper top down

Fabric bins behind our seating will hold towels, toiletries and other random stuff.

We utilized the space above are water tank

I managed to turn a giant pile of clothes into a neat (it won't last long) stack that fits into 2 1/2' x 16 inch space.