As difficult as it was to leave our new friends at Live Different, we were a little anxious to be on the road again. After spending the morning getting our camper door pounded into shape by Carlos, we got a late afternoon start so we didn't really make it very far...about an hour down the road. 

This was ok by us, because we ended up at our original destination the day of the accident, Cielito Lindo. The last time we were in Baja, we were looking for a stop-over point near San Quintin and, as it was getting dark, the campground we were looking for was nowhere in sight. We were winding our way around bumpy dirt roads, feeling very lost when we stumbled across Cielto Lindo. It's a small hotel/restaurant/rv park near the ocean. While it's not the kind of place I would think of as a destination in and of itself, it was perfect for us at the time. We fell in love with it and had really been looking forward to staying here again. This time we pulled in with time to go down to the ocean for a bit before heading to the restaurant for a cracked crab dinner (the house specialty).