We probably shouldn't have taken this vacation. After all, we are saving for a lengthy, expensive trip to South America. Pete was hard to convince, since he's the pragmatic one. I used the fact that Roatan was an excellent place to get scuba certified and that we HAD to get that done before we left on our trip. After the promise of a house overlooking the ocean and the chance our friends may join us, he reluctantly agreed.

Our friends Tara and Tyler were easier to convince. We just emailed them and also promised them a house on the beach, fruity beverages and a scuba certification. 

Soon after we arrive and see the ocean front view over our empty beach all our reservations are gone. We may regret coming when we check our bank account later, but as of now, there's no where else we want to be.

Welcoming Tara and Tyler, after a few Pina Coladas:) Photo by Tara

Welcoming Tara and Tyler, after a few Pina Coladas:) Photo by Tara

The quaint little town of West End is a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute water taxi ride from our house.

 Most of our time is spent in front of our house on the almost secluded beach, on our porch catching up with Tara and Tyler over piña coladas and fresh seafood, watching the sailboats tied up in the crystal clear, blue water or playing with the adorable puppy that came over for frequent visits.

West End beach is also a 10 minute walk in the opposite direction. The beach was beautiful but an afternoon on the overcrowded and overpriced area of Roatan was all we needed to realize it wasn't our style. 

Im not sure I have ever seen such glorious sunsets. I think I like Roatan:)