Deciding we wanted to take a 15 month road trip from Tennessee to Argentina was the easy part. Deciding what we wanted to live in was the hard part. We knew we wanted a truck camper from the start, but there are SO many companies and SO many opinions. After looking for months, Tyler told us he knew a guy that was very knowledgable about truck campers which led us to Nathanael. He was incredibly friendly and helpful from the very beginning and easily talked us into a Four Wheel Camper. Their lightweight, low profile was exactly what we needed. We had researched them before but they were way out of our price range, so we decided to try to find one used. The main problem was that we live in the Southeast. Truck campers are sparse here, especially FWCs. Weeks of daily searching by us and Nathanael turned a fellow named Ian who was selling his on Expedition Portal(an awesome online community of overland adventure travelers). The camper was in New York. After several emails we agreed to mail a cashiers check to his dad's address in New York and he agreed to drive the camper to Vermont and drop it off at Tara and Tyler's land. We knew we could get screwed. We were sending the money to someone we had never met for a camper we had never actually seen in person. After the delivery of the check and a few days of sweaty palms and floor pacing, he showed up in Vermont with our new camper in tow. He even spent a couple hours explaining all the ins and outs of the camper to Tara while she taped it for us. Never have we had such an excellent, honest purchasing experience. It restored our faith in the human race.

Thanks Nathanael, Ian, Tara and Tyler! You guys rock!