Our seemingly insatiable search for calm, warm blue water and talcum powder sand is over. We've surprisingly found it at Playa San Augustin on the Oaxacan coast. A coast we almost skipped because, from what we'd researched, the water was more suitable for experienced surfers than beer clutching, lackadaisical swimmers. We've set up camp at the end of the beach, far away from the water front row of palapa restaurants.

The only other campground occupants are a band of Mexican buskers who have been hitchhiking their way around the country funding their travels by selling jewelry and street performing. They seem to be single-mindedly consumed in whatever task they're performing, whether it be playing music, practicing their juggling, making jewelry or hanging up side down from a long fat red ribbon they've hung from a tree, practicing Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics. They use candles for light, sleep in tents, carry everything they own in backpacks. I never once see a computer or phone. I thought we had minimized our belongings, but compared to them we're living opulently. I'm mystified and envious of their lack of materialism, the sense of freedom they exude and their ever present state of mind.

I thought I would resemble this after months of travel, away from my sometimes stressful profession. My always worrying brain has just shifted perspective, often making me far away from the present moment. I now have new virtual problems to bite my nails over. How's my family doing? What happens if there's an emergency and I can't get home? What if we get in another wreck? Are we spending too much money? Moving to slow? Crap! I have so many photos to edit. Shit! we're so behind on our blog. F@#k! What will happen if Trump gets elected?

Their care free attitudes soon rub off on us. We break out my fire poi that haven't seen the light of day in ages. Practicing during the day we light them on fire one night and the result is awkward flailing appendages, a few scorched arm hairs, and lots of giggling. No cell reception causes a forced but welcome reprieve from my sometimes obsessive social media use. We play volleyball with our new friends, take Malta for long walks, snuggle the several pups that are always close by, learn new constellations, spend more time in the water than we have on our entire trip and are as mellow as I can ever remember us being.

It's an excellent reminder to us that all we need to experience the world is the desire to explore it, the will to engross ourselves in the moment and decent hand eye coordination to help facilitate our knife juggling skills.