The temple of Ta Prohm was the one I was most looking forward to visiting. I probably could have come to Angkor and only seen this one temple and left a happy gal. The reason is pretty simple, I love trees.  I think they are the coolest  things on the planet. When I die I want my ashes to be mixed with the soil and a tree planted over me so it can use my burnt remains for nutriance. I want nothing more than to have one of J.R.R. Tolkein's talking trees, an Ent, be my best friend. I got incredibly excited when we bought our house, not because it was my first home; but because I could actually call the tree in our backyard my own. Not that I really  believe they can be "owned". They belong only to themselves and most will far outlive any human by generations. So........ you can see why I would love a temple that is entangled and overgrown with ginormous trees. 

Once again we woke early, but this time instead of riding to the temple we cheated. After some strange looks and a few laughs from our driver, we loaded our bikes on  a tuk tuk, so we would have them for our return ride.

The place did not lack to impress and being blessed by a female monk at the end of the day sealed the fact that this most certainly was my favorite temple.