Maine is one of the states we've been most excited to visit so far.  Our first stop was Sebago Lake, which I had been to many years ago, and I really wanted Natasha to see how beautiful it is.

The drive there took us along the New York Thru-way and across Massachusetts on the MassPike.  At this point, just let me say that we are about sick of toll roads.  The Jersey Turnpike, the New York Thru-way, the MassPike...they can all go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for all i care.  I didn't keep an exact count, but i think we spent at least thirty dollars in a couple of days on tolls.  We've tried the "scenic" route a couple of times and sometimes it works, and sometimes it's just tiny little strip-mall towns with 35mph speedlimits which take forever to get through.  

One of the scenic routes we did enjoy was Rt. 1a through New Hampshire.  It runs right along the coast and is dotted with a few beach towns and a bunch of extremely large and beautiful homes. We decided to get some whole steamed lobsters and eat them on the beach.




We soon rejoined the Maine Turnpike (booooo) and  and made it to Sebago Lake State Park with plenty of daylight to spare.

After spending so much time driving and not relaxing we decided to take it easy and not do much of anything at all for two days.