Children we were thinking of having before this experience = 1 maybe 2

Several years ago when Pete was hiking the AT, we met in the Catskills. We stayed at a campsite on the lake and ate breakfast at this quant restaurant in a small town. We were hoping to recreate that trip.

We get to the campground around 6pm, set up camp and make ourselves at home; then we meet Anna. Actually we never met her, but she was a part of our lives for two long days. Anna was a 7-8 yr old girl who was camping with her family, who were from Connecticut, or at least that is what their license tag said. To say that Anna was annoying was an understatement. She complained about every thing, she even complained when she got her way.

Examples (all  in the loudest, whiniest voice ever heard by human ears.)

Anna “ I dont waaanna sit in the sunnnnn”

Mom “ Well pull your chair out of the sun.

Anna “Then I'll get coooooold”

Anna (still in the sun) “ It's burning me, the sun is burning me”

Anna stomping feet on ground “Your in my way, your gonna hit meeeee”

Boy riding bike in his lane about 15 feet away looks at her and rides faster

2 seconds later......

Anna “You, in front of me, your scaring me with that thing on your back”

Natasha walking in front of Anna with a backpack on says absolutely nothing and tries not to make eye contact.

Anna “You turned off the song I was listening to”

Friend “I'm sorry, we can turn it back on”

Anna “You are sooooo rude, your not my friend anymore, I hate you, I hate you."

Anna “The ducks in the water are staring at me. They are laughing at me and sticking their tongues out at me. I hate them, I hate them.”

We could go on and on. We heard Anna's name more times then miles that we have driven, which is already in the thousands

 In between the Anna “episodes” we did find time to enjoy ourselves.

 Goodbye sweet Anna, please don't be going to Maine.

 Children we are planning on having after this experience = big fat ZERO