We decided months ago to leave our two dogs with my parents on their farm. Fitz, our 90 pound behemoth of a pup, is fiercely protective and doesn't like strangers. This isn't his fault. Pete and I are unsocial creatures and didn't get him out and about enough when he was little. While this hasn't been a huge problem at home; we imagine it will definitely be an issue when we are surrounded by new people. Malta, Fitz's smaller more genial sister, would stay at home because we couldn't imagine separating them, They've never spent a night apart since they were born four years ago.

We've spent our last days before our departure preparing at my parents home. Fitz adjusted just fine to farm life. Malta, anytime left outside, cried and stared in the window with accusatory, "I know you're going to abandon me" eyes.  Every chance she got she would jump in the camper or truck and be almost impossible to get out. This and the thought of leaving my family for so long brought on sporadic sobbing, mingled with jabbering to Pete about how we can't leave our two babies and how maybe we just shouldn't leave at all. 

After days of waffling we finally decided to leave Fitz and take Malta. Fitz will have the companionship of my parent's dog, his other sister. He'll spend his days frolicking in fields, barking at cows, rolling in manure and generally being spoiled by my doting parents. Malta will be with us, where she seems happiest. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for this selfless act. We know committing to the care of another living creature is no easy task, but you offered without a second thought. You are kind and generous people and very much appreciated. We know he's in good hands.

We'll miss you Fitz!