This trip has been years in the making. There's been countless hours of research, planning and overtime. Countless dollars saved, spent and saved again. The last few weeks have been a frenzy of truck and camper modifications, packing, moving and unpacking. The last few days have been spent trying to fit 18 months worth of stuff that we think we need, but probably don't, into a tiny living space.

The goodbyes have been rough. I've left for long periods of time before and never thought twice about it. This time has been different. Especially saying goodbye to my parents. But you're coming to visit. Right guys?!

Thanks to Jess, Nick. Jerry, mom and dad for letting us store stuff at their houses. Thanks so much Cathy and Dale for letting us live in their awesome house after we sold ours (that was a life saver) and for taking care of Arie Shapiro (our cat). Thanks Dale, mom, and dad for helping us move everything we own. That kinda sucked. Thanks everyone for all the going away festivities, breakfasts, pizzas and home cooked meals. Thanks for the early Christmas and birthday presents. They'll get us a few miles farther. Thanks to all our family, friends and co-workers for being so darn supportive and excited for us. We couldn't ask for better people. You'll be dearly missed. 

Now we hit the road!!!!