As we leave our southern California camp spot at 8 am I feel a little nauseated...I'm nervous this morning. We keep hearing negative things about the Tijuana border crossing. Countless people have told us we would be better off crossing at Tecate. Countless more people have told us that we need to get away from the border as fast as possible. I usually don't take heed of such warnings, but there's been so many of them that its starting to wear on me.

Around 8:20, while Im distracted trying to suspend our phone service, I hear Pete say, “Well look there”, I glance up and see the Mexico border sign almost above me. A few moments later we park and a Mexcian border guard asks Pete to get out of the car and unlock our camper. He glances in, doesn't seem to notice Malta in the cab, and off we go. A minute later we're at the Migración. There's approximately 3 people inside. Getting our toursit card takes about 5 minutes. We ask someone about Malta's paperwork and he doesn't know anything about it. We figured it would be to chaotic here to import our car so we hadn't planned on doing it, but the employee at the Banjercito offers. He also seems uninterested in Malta's paperwork. We spent 3 hours and $150 at a California Pet Smart and no one even cares that she now has her very own International Health Certificate!

I leave Pete to the car importation paperwork to keep Malta company in the truck. He's out soon after me. “That's it?!” I say. “That's it!” he says.

It's 9:15 and we're past Tijuana and on our way to Ensenada for fish tacos, shopping for dinner and our first Mexico camp spot.

Ensenada, Mexico

La Bufadora, Mexico