For a couple years now, while working long hours and forsaking all fun to save every penny; we have been imagining the sand of a secluded Baja beach between our toes and a Sol beer in our hand. Apparently Baja gets busy in December and we hope to have a little solitude, if only for a few days. This is why we are blazing through the United States. 

Sticking to state parks and national rec areas has been easy on our budget and has led us to some beautiful, almost empty camp spots.

Its been a long time since we rose with the sun and spent the majority of our time outside. We've missed it.

We had a small issue with our camper and Adventure Trailer in Prescott AZ was the closest dealer. Martyn was gracious enough to look at it for us on a Saturday. He was incredibly friendly, spent a long time looking things over, let us love on his dogs, googled directions for us to multiple campsites, suggested some breweries, wrote down a couple names of people we could connect with that were also traveling in our direction and didn't charge us a penny. Long story short, he was awesome. Thanks Martyn!

We're in Southern California now and after a couple days of doing mundane tasks we'll be ready to cross the border! 

Aquí venimos a México!!!

McClellan Creek National Grassland, Texas

Somewhere in New Mexico

Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area, New Mexico

Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona

Imperial Dunes National Rec Area, California