One of the things about this trip that I am most looking forward to is slowing down and enjoying things that we haven't been able to do lately. That includes cooking. We'll have a full (albeit tiny) kitchen in our camper. I hope we'll spend lots of time shopping at local markets buying local food. To prepare tasty food we've got to have plenty of spices. I probably spent a little to much time trying to figure out where to put a spice rack. Deciding which spices to take was easier. Our friend Tara, who rode a bicycle with her husband from Europe to South Asia, wrote an amazing book called Bike Camp Cook about cooking while taking a long distance bike tour. It was an excellent reference for which spices were the most important. We bought some magnetic spice jars and a sheet of steel from a hardware store and VOILA!; we've got an awesome spice rack! 18 spices and 6 empties that we can fill on the road.