Chris and Jenn have suggested we do a car tour of Mazatlán. Usually Pete and I steer away from anything with the word tour in it because, in our minimal experience, they're pricey, occasionally fabricated and frankly... they seem a little to touristy. Since Pete was temporarily indisposed and most likely wanted to be left alone; I decided to go with everyone.

After taking a panga across the bay to the city we met our driver and vehicles, quirky golf cart/car hybrids. The ladies hopped in one with our driver Freddie and the guys another.

Freddy drove us all around the area, making frequent stops and describing everything in impeccable english. It was obvious that he had great pride in his city, country and people. We were just as interested in the day to day happenings of his life. He answered all of our probably too personal questions with patience and gusto; noticeably just as proud of his family and job as his nationality. At the end of the trip they dropped us off at one of their favorite restaurants and hugged us all goodbye.

The day turned out to be one of the most memorable of the trip thus far and makes me wonder what awesome experiences we've missed out on because we thought we were to cool to play tourists.